Four Hours

by Spirit Level

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A lo-fi album with several quite different moods and sounds.

Recorded in four hours at Abertawe Road Studios, Swansea.


released January 7, 2011

Tom Emlyn Williams - Guitar, Vocals
John Mear - Guitar, Vocals
Simon Davies - Bass, Flute
Jack Patrick - Drums

All songs by Spirit Level.



all rights reserved


Spirit Level Swansea, UK

Swansea- based blues folk rock band Spirit Level played together from 2011 - 2013, though most of the members had been playing together for much longer as a loose improvisation/noise/metal/video game music band. After two albums, guitarist and songwriter John Mear left to concentrate on his other material. The other members of the band continued on in a more progressive style as News From Nowhere. ... more

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Track Name: Metropolis Blues
All of my days I've preferred the city haze
and the skyscrapers growing like madness.
the neon and the steel, to me they did appeal
but lately I've taken to thinking

there's only one way out
the sirens start to scream and shout

Got to get out of the city
need somewhere I can be
If I don't get out of the city
there'll be nothing left of me.

One of these days I will get out of this place
and find somewhere untouched and empty
for now it's the sound of traffic underground
telephones ringing at me.

The shark with a face, oh he won't say grace
and I've got to get out of this place

Got to get out of the city
need somewhere I can be
If I don't get out of the city
there'll be nothing left of me.

Got to get out of the city
need somewhere I can be
If I don't get out of the city
There'll be nothing left of me!
Track Name: Another One of these Late Nights
woke up this morning
didn't get much sleep last night
woke up this morning
bright lights outside
and another one of these late nights
is gonna leave me dead

that big old moon was staring in my window
staring right at me
that big red moon was staring in my window
just wouldn't let me be
and another one of these late nights
is gonna leave me dead

i know i'm going to lose my mind
if i don't get some sleep
but there's a light out there
and it's calling out to me
and another one of these late nights
is gonna leave me dead
Track Name: The Ballad of Ok Sauce
Ok Sauce, he triumphed of course,
he certainly saved the day
The case is solved, the crime resolved,
and everything is OK.
Track Name: Bumblebee
A bumblebee buzzed
against a window
banged its wretched head
and struggled to be heard.
Razor thin paper sky-hook
well it must have looked absurd
I turned aside to find some sweet words to say
But when I looked again, it had gone away.
Track Name: Thief of Time
There was a time when I whiled away the hours
lost in a deep dark hole
kept awake by crackling wires
I was out of control

there's a lake inside my head
but no fish are biting today
the smoke and haze of industry
has turned them all away

My experiences have served me well
but i've got to break the spell
irrigate this dry river bed
find somewhere new to lie my head

In the meantime it helps me to know
Time is just another illusion
And lunchtime and teatime are doubly so
You reap what you sow
Track Name: Escape From the Park
There's a festival in town : I can tell
by the sound of the apocalypse, accompanied by a
backing band of horses' hooves clapping
like applause on the cobblestones.
It's still audible - spilling out
on to the beach like sludge.
A man from out of town talks to me without warning.
He was thrown out of school when he was thirteen years
old, he tells me, boastfully. I say, 'thanks', and
hurry home with an LP tucked under my arm -
a priceless 25p charity shop castoff.
It was their last progressive record.
Track Name: Sense of Humour
i'm standing by a bandstand
they're playing out of tune
because how can they play with the size of their claws
i'm laughing by the light of the moon
they're howling in the wrong key
and their footsteps are out of time
someone write a letter and complain
it shouldn't be allowed after nine

you don't laugh, you cough
and rub your stomach with glee e minor
you rip your velcro lips apart
calculate to the nth degree

the universe was designed by a madman
with a pen with a broken nib
he stole the idea from a sleeping child
dreaming in its crib
he entered it in a talent show
brighton, 1953
it won fourth place, a matter of taste
the judges were all insane

you don't laugh, you cackle
sing into your cauldron and wink
your plastic nose is melting
you teeter on the brink

the luminescent teachers used to say
that Tim was a clever lad
though he'd do well to talk in lesson
about the women that he's had
now his thoughts are solar powered
and wander far and wide
like the hammerhead sharks that gape and howl
and are never on his side

you don't laugh, you belch
sprawled in the dust like it's some kind of joke
your conversations are all reruns
you are just a hoax.
Track Name: The Robin That Went To Space
tom the robin went to space
he was tired of the human race
that the world was running at the speed of light
so he sped away into the night

everything came in last place
no longer could he stand the pace
so he flew through the inky void
to find a place to be employed

twelve meals a day can't beat the milky way
it's sunny like today and yesterday

he journeys among the stars
one with the cosmos now
mercury and saturn surround him
with their rays

no longer one of ours
surrendered to the universe
jupiter and neptune
are inviting him to play

tom the robin also ran
quick in the eye, a flash in the pan
he couldn't outrun the machine
that destroyed the track and crushed the green

got himself a house on mars
a nice little place with a view of the stars
the rent is high but it's better than here
it's quiet and dark and nobody's near

it rained and rained until it stopped
the rainforest drowned and the pipes are blocked

the robin that went to space
isn't coming back again
Track Name: Strange Days
I had a strange day today
as I went out on my own
rain storm hanging in the clouds
and on the telephone

the shops were all shut and boarded up
the trees scowled into the wind
I walked down that familiar street
and something wasn't the same

I had a strange day yesterday
went for a walk by the sea
ten miles on I was home again
distance caught up to me

suddenly a hole appeared in my shoe
my tie came undone
my scarf unravelled and fell to the ground
and I hurried indoors to hide

I'll have a strange day tomorrow
go out to catch the sun
and if anybody talks to me
I'll say I'm on the run

I'll search for strange days wherever I can
In landscapes twisted and bare
Iron shod and bicycle chained
And devil may care
Track Name: Where's It Going To End?
There's a horsemen knocking on the door
Interrupting our quiet desolation
Well when he's gone we can have some more
And me and my woman
Will steal away
To some quiet corner
Before the break of day
Crushes our expectations

Where is it going to end, my friend?

You say a storm is brewing
You saw it on the BBC
Don't listen to the weatherman
Don't believe what you see on TV
If the world curtain falls
And the serpent unfurls
Will you grin, your wager won?
As the silence falls upon your curls

Where is it going to end, my friend?

If you had your way
Would you condemn us to obscurity?
Let me tell you that nothing is sure
And it isn't right to know your fate